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Who the f-ck is Brian Connolly?

psssssst!  he's a voice actor in NYC.


Brian Connolly Goes with New Agency

I had been freelancing with another agency for about 13 years with minimal success, however it was time for a change.  Luckily for me when I bartended I met a wonderful woman by the name of Eileen Shellhorn.  She would come by my spot (City Crab) and have a cocktail or two after a long day at Innovative Artists.  We became quick friends and I always looked forward to her stopping by.  Flash forward to her developing the Voice Over department at DDO New York!  We had reconnected after a few years, and I was ready to refocus my career and get my head out of my proverbial ass.  With DDO, I have booked my most recent commercials (National M&M's and Regional MA Avidia Bank) and only bright and sparkly fruitful days are ahead of us.

Oliver and Max dominate the banking scene

My most recent gig is in the form of a human and swine tandem at Avidia Bank. This is where I sort of delved into animation and found that creating and being creative are at the heart of what I love about voice acting.  I have a few videos of the final products, you'll notice that I am not the voice of the pig... hopefully.

Brian's WORK!

it does't matter what people think.  well...

"Brian is the ultimate professional and a natural in the booth.  He brings to the table an innate ability encompassing energy, humor and coach-ability to each recording session we have done."  - Craig Herrick, ECD, Zozimus

"Brian was wonderful to work with; he took direction well and gave us great range.  He delivered on the approachable and relaxed announcer voice we were going for.  Plus, he made 'candybalism' sound light and fun!"   - Jess Rello, ACD, BBDO

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